Selected essays and memoir

Refresh; New UpdateSydney Review of Books

The Historian, Meanjin

Preparations for Thinking Slow,

The Biological Station, Hunger Mountain

Fieldwork, Sydney Review of Books

The Train that Night,

Lyrebirds in the Impasse, Sydney Review of Books

This essay is good for my KPIs: on bureaucracy and the politics of imagination, Griffith REVIEW Edition 52: Imagining the Future, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

'Unmade in Bangkok', The Near and the Far, Scribe Publications, Melbourne, Australia

Breaking The Rules—Part 4. OK, Nicole, thanks for asking Essay Daily

The Bronzista of Muradup  Griffith Review

The True History of the Circus  Griffith Review 

Love and Politics: Scenes from a radical theatre (The Red Shed Company)  Overland 

The cigarette seller of Addis Ababa Griffith Review

Essaying the picture TEXT

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