Making Up: 11 Scenes from a Bangkok Hotel

a radiophonic essay by Kyla Brettle and David Carlin
Writer: David Carlin  Sound Design: Kyla Brettle

ABC RN Soundproof

Winner Gold Award, Best Writing; Gold Award, Best Sound; Silver Award, Best Direction; Silver Award, Best Documentary, Arts and Culture - 2016 New York World Festival Radio Awards

Some fictions trap us. Comfort us, yes,delude us. Bully us, or others, into shapes and voices. But other fictions freeus.

Eleven Scenes from aBangkok hotel takes us deep into the mindscape of a non-fiction writer. He is holed up in the liminal world of a shabby international hotel and caught like a merman out of water in an existential meditation on sexual and textual identity and the act of making up. He is not alone. The vocal past and voiceless present bleed inwards along the edge of his frame of reference - challenging his insights, threatening to hijack his narrative and dismantling his monocultural comforts and fiction of heterosexual coherence.

In this lush and layered production, acclaimed creative nonfiction writer David Carlin and award-winning audio feature maker and sound designer Kyla Brettle collaborate to bring you a playful radiophonic mix that irreverently dons the tropes of ‘storytelling’ to dance the fictional divide between the essay and documentary forms.

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