The Near and the Far (Scribe, 2016)

edited by David Carlin and Francesca Rendle-Short

Available in paperback


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'The well-made story is back ... The Near and the Far compresses time and space in a way that forces new kinds of utterance. It creates a welcome revealing composite of our place and moment – an array of searching, sweaty, breath-stopping, boldly crafted exchange offerings.'NICHOLAS JOSE, TEXT

From 21 of the best writers in the Asia-Pacific region comes a collection about finding connections where you least expect them.

It’s a sweltering night in Kuala Lumpur, and a journalist is protesting in a city on the edge of meltdown. It’s post-9/11 San Francisco, and a woman meets her foster child, who provokes painful reminders of her past. It’s contemporary Bangkok, and a writer’s encounter with ladyboy culture prompts him to explore gender boundaries. And high in Queensland’s Border Ranges, a boy prone to getting lost is having six tiny silver bells pinned to his chest …

The Near and The Far is what results when award-winning writers from Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Hong Kong share places, spaces, and ideas. Emerging from the Writers Immersion and Cultural Exchange program — a unique series of residencies, workshops, and dialogues between writers — this collection is a map of art and adventure, ideas and influences.

Featuring fiction and nonfiction from Cate Kennedy, Melissa Lucashenko, Alvin Pang, Suchen Christine Lim, Maxine Beneba Clarke, Omar Musa, Robin Hemley, Laurel Fantauzzo and many more, this collection bridges the distances between Asia, Australia, and the world. Every day is a border crossing, every story a threshold. Grab your passport and step beyond.

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